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Mission partners

Love your neighbour
Love the world

"God has repeatedly told us to fill the earth . . .

The people of God have constantly gotten stuck, settled and soft, and He has had to shake us out of this state. My prayer is that we will be the first generation to scatter on purpose . . . That we will go into every sector of society - business, the arts, education and more - and be the Daniels of our day: being good at what we do, gaining favour in our workplace, and having the credibility to share our faith boldy"

[Andrew Scott, Scatter]

We are working on doing this ourselves in and around Sutton Coldfield. We're also active in supporting and sending missionaries and projects across the world. We are their support team, spurring them on, standing on the side-lines praying, watching, encouraging, cheering!

There are so many needs across the world; we partner with a number of people and projects, representing a mixture of these needs and different approaches to mission. No one project is the answer in itself; yet a combination of different people, skills and approaches can make a powerful impact in our world.

Hover over the image below to reveal our mixture of mission partners. 

We also support people going on short-term mission projects and a number of other ministries from time to time; these are our key mission partners. If you'd like to know any more about these projects and how to get involved with them, click on any of the links above or find their latest newsletter at Church.

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