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You can talk to God anywhere, you can hear His voice if you stop to listen.


We gather together to do this on Sundays because there is real strength and beauty in a diverse group of people uniting to follow Jesus. We talk and sing, we pray and listen. As we hear and understand God's story, told in the Bible, we watch that story continuing and bringing direction to our lives today. Our main service is Sunday morning at 10.30am and we'd love you to come along, and stay for a cuppa afterwards too, if you’d like! Services are also live streamed so you can join us from wherever you are.

We hope people will find relevant and practical encouragement in their spiritual journey and their faith in Jesus. All kinds of people come here, each with their own story, none whom are perfect — you will not be the odd-one-out. 



Ask questions

Invite God to speak to you

listen to what He has to say

Our services are led by a range of people who bring their own style, musical and worship content; centred around hearing the Bible explained to us. We love the variety this brings to our services. People will be available before, during and after if you would like to talk or pray.

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Young People

We love having children and young people as part of our church family and we don't mind at all if they make some noise. We run activities for them every Sunday morning during our time together.


We start our service all together in the main hall and after 15-30 minutes, the children and young people leave for their groups.  If you are unsure where to go, the stewards or group leaders will be around to help you.


All of our volunteers have been trained under our safeguarding policy.

Creche ( under 4 )
sunday morning kids ( School years Reception - year 6 )
ID ( School years 7-13 ) 

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